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Mohammad_AzimiWelcome to the AIMCA Website

I am deeply humbled to serve as the President of Australia Iran Migration Consultants Association (AIMCA) that is an independent legal professional entity in migration industry.

The newly formed association is a first time innovative approach in the Australian Migration profession to target a specific market, Iran. We aim to act as an umbrella organisation to bring together migration agents and protect their rights in this specific market.

Membership is open to all Iranian and non-Iranian registered migration agents, solicitors or barristers and I encourage them to become a member even though the Iranian market is not a focus of their business but are interested in exploring this market.I also invite other organisations to become members of the Association.

I take this opportunity to emphasise that AIMCA is non-political Association and is not affiliated with any political, social, economic groups / parties neither in Iran nor Australia. All expenses for establishment of the Association funded by founding members and no financial assistance, help or grants from neither Iranian Government nor Australian Government were requested or offered.

AIMCA strictly adheres to non-discriminatory principles and considers all membership application regardless of religion, race, and ethnicity.

The aims and objectives of the Association are the following:

  • promoting the industry among Iranian consumers to choose professional services of Registered Migration Agents (RMAs),
  • Creating a platform for consumers to find out RMAs active in Iranian market,
  • Have a supportive approach towards our members and try to become the voice of its member agents in dealing with Government Departments in Iran and Australia,
  • Exposing unregistered migration agents  and reporting them to the relevant authorities,
  • Promoting Australian Migration Act and regulations which can lead to Agents and their clients achieving lawful outcomes for all applicant,
  • Promoting good economic, trade, cultural, social and migration relations between Iran and Australia.

Our vision for the future is to build good foundations to become a national leader in an innovative style and approach to matters of migration concerning both Registered Migration Agents and all potential clients, a voice for all peoples.

We value your comments , compliments and feedback on any issues/matters that need to be addressed and we welcome the contributions from members to assist with the development and growth of AIMCA.

I would like to thank all my colleagues and friends for their continued support and their words of encouragement, and my special thanks goes to Mr Daniel Eskandari , the founding member of AIMCA who the initial idea of creating such an association came from him.

Kind regards

Mohammd Reza Azimi
President of AIMCA