Our Mission

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Our Mission

Australia Iran Migration Consultants Association ( AIMCA) is a non-profit Association and its mission is to collaboratively promote, strengthen and facilitate the migration programs between Australia and Iran.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Association are the following:

 Representing the interests of stakeholders and applicants

To represent the interests of migration agents, migrants and visa applicants from Iran; 

 Creating a responsive culture

To create and value a culture that will be responsive and act in the best interests of its members and migration agents; 

 Supporting migrants from Iran

To actively participate and find new ways of supporting migrants settling in Australia from Iran; 

 Addressing issues

To address the issues affecting people migrating from Iran to Australia; 

 Organising meetings

To organise meetings and liaise between individuals, community groups and businesses such as employers, service providers and government departments to be a voice for migration agents and to discuss issues regarding migration from Iran to Australia;


To effectively promote and be an advocate for changes to policy for and on behalf of migration agents and people migration from Iran to Australia; 

 Facilitation of integration

to promote and facilitate the integration of people migrating from Iran into mainstream Australian society and to understand its values and lifestyle; 

 Promoting multiculturalism within the community

To actively promote and encourage multiculturalism within the Iranian community; 

  Reporting unregistered migration agents

To advise against illegal activities  and report unregistered migration agents working in the community; 

 Promoting of the profession

To inform Iranian community about the benefits of using registered migration agents for their applications. 

If you are a registered migration agent who wish to become a member of the Association; please register  Here