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Membership to Australia Iran Migration Consultants Association Limited (AIMCA) (ACN 604 594 470) is open to all registered migration consultants of Australia and there is no payment involved to join as a member.

Full and associate AIMCA membership carries the following terms and conditions applicable to all members:

1. AIMCA members are entitled to be listed on the AIMCA website as a member or associate while their membership is current.

2. AIMCA membership request need to be in writing on an appropriate form approved by the Board for the purpose of membership.

3. All AIMCA members and associate members are entitled to advertise that they are a member or associate member of the AIMCA, whichever is relevant. They are entitled to use the logo of AIMCA on their websites, business cards or any printed materials.

4. All members, full or associate are entitled to avail themselves of the benefits that arise from AIMCA business partnerships and alliances created for the benefit of AIMCA members and associate members.

5. AIMCA members are entitled to receive copies of the AIMCA Newsletter in an electronic form.

6. All Members of the AIMCA are issued with a unique membership number, and official membership identification. AIMCA membership is not transferable to any other person without the prior approval of AIMCA Board. Membership of the Association is personal to the member.

7. If your membership request is approved by the Board as a MARA Registered Migration Consultant, you assert that you will advise AIMCA as soon your MARA registration is lapsed or you are de registered from the MARA as a registered migration agent, and AIMCa reserves the right to repeal your membership.

8.You indemnity the AIMCA against any loss arising from a non-adherence to the these Terms and Conditions.

9. AIMCA will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary to enable us to undertake our activities. We will advise you when we are collecting personal information from you, for what purpose we are collecting it, and how we will use it.

10. AIMCA will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information that we hold. This includes appropriate measures to protect electronic materials and materials stored and generated in hard copy.

11. A member may at any time by giving notice in writing to the AIMCA resign his , her or its membership and shall continue to be liable for any annual subscription ( currently NIL) and all arrears due and unpaid of his , her or its resignation and for all other monies due by him, her or it to the Association and in addition for any sum not exceeding ten dollars ( $ 10.00 ) for which he, she or it is liable as member of the Association.

12. Members are responsible for informing AIMCA of any changes to their business or personal details. The preferred method is through AIMCA general enquiries email address. AIMCA shall take no responsibility to update the information unless the member has advised AIMCA about the changes.

13. Every members of the Association shall be bound to further the objects, interests, influence and standing of the Association to the best of his, her or its ability and shall observe the rules and regulation of the Association in force from time to time.

14. All applications for membership may be granted or declined by the Board without the necessity to give any reason therefore.

These terms and conditions may be changed from time to time, without notice.