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Nima Kazemi

Name: Nima Kazemi
MARA Number:1278784

is the founder of “2oceania Migration services”” and Senior Migration agent. He holds a Master of Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice from Australian National University.

Over the years, with a broad range of industry experience, Nima Kazemi has successfully assisted people from all corners of the globe with all categories of permanent and temporary migration and his success rate is second to none.

By delivering efficient and satisfying solutions that save his clients time and money, Nima Kazemi has been recognised as one of the leading migration experts working in Australia and abroad.

He also analyses the circumstances, reviews visa options, assesses and advises on risk, and ensures clients are aware of their responsibilities. His professional memberships include but not limited to Migration Institute Australia (MIA), Migration Alliance and Legal training Australia.

2oceania Migration Services now has offices in Australia, Iran, Canada and UAE.

In Australia:

Business name: 2Oceania

Business address: PO Box 711

In Iran:

Business name: Association of Lawer of Capital
Business address: 3rd floor, No 27, Abuzar Blvd,
Ayatolah Kashani Ave, Sadeghiye Square , Tehran , Iran


Business address: Al Meraikhi Tower
106 Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Website: www.2oceania.com
Email address :info@2oceania.com

Phone: +61 4 31563046